Directorio Activo
Active Directory Security training program

Many companies rely on Active Directory for correct operation of your business and many critical services, such as authentication, identity, mail or policies are totally dependent on him. This technology has matured and evolved with its use, and providing numerous functionality enhancements and security. However, its design and its standard configuration are subject to some problems that have been revealed over time:

The design was intended for a security scenario that changed radically.

The emergence of organized groups of hackers, long-term persistent attacks, cyber-terrorism, infiltration in companies, etc.

The emergence of attack scripts that exploit vulnerabilities automatically, without much knowledge.

The diversity and complexity of the numerous security protocols available, that leads to use wrong 'default' configurations.

A misunderstanding of the roles Administrator and use of privileged accounts by the companies.

This intensive course is devoted to the security of Active Directory, and the protocols and mechanisms used in Windows, but especially to their insecurity.

  • You will learn the latest vulnerabilities that affect all Active Directory design, allowing any local administrator of a machine can become Enterprise Admin.
  • You will know misconceptions, design errors, and the settings that were valid for years but they are not.
  • You know the different protocols, its architectures and relationships, how to attack, some tools, philosophy of persistent attacks, and possible mitigation.


Security management in Active Directory provides many counters whose management requires prior knowledge based on:

  • Knowledge of Windows and Active Directory.
  • Experiencia en la gestión de grupos de Directorio Activos.
  • A minimal knowledge of Powershell scripting technology is not strictly necessary, but highly recommended. In case of not having it, we can make an introductory session, the course subset 'PowerShell Concepts'.

Who should attend the training?

  • Active Directory and IT Security administrators.
  • IT managers responsible for managing the security of corporate information systems

Who teaches the training?

SII Concatel teaches and certifies this training, backed by the proven reliability of the company in other areas of training and proven experience in providing services for IT environments adminstration.

The teaching is carried out by Juan Carlos Ruiz . highly qualified trainer of a long career at Microsoft as PFE Master Trainer at international level, and leading expert in Spain in what refers to Active Directory Management.

The course is entirely classroom, and as usual, combines theory, concepts, practical demonstrations based on real cases, exercises, discussion of options, doubts and questions. Courses are offered in standard mode or, if desired, tailored to your needs.

Main goals:

  • Knowing the vulnerabilities and the architecture of Windows that leads to them.
  • Demonstrating some of the attacks to know its effect and possible mitigation.
  • The rethinking of old preconceived ideas.
  • Know and discuss possibilities and their possible application in each company.
  • Take advantage of experiences of other companies that are already applying mitigations.

Duration: To be determined, depending on the needs and level of the attendees. (Orientative: 2 to 4 days)


- Lesson 1: Course Introduction

- Lesson 2: First Demo: How to see the password of another administrator

- Lesson 3: Course Introduction

- Lesson 4: First Demo: How to see the password of another administrator

- Lesson 5: Course Introduction

- Lesson 6: First Demo: How to see the password of another administrator

- Lesson 7: Course Introduction

- Lesson 8: First Demo: How to see the password of another administrator

- Lesson 9: Course Introduction

- Lesson 10: First Demo: How to see the password of another administrator