Application Management

Our Application Management (AM) service includes the entire process of managing, maintaining, versioning ad updating an application throughout its lifecycle. This allows us to get the optimum and efficient performance.


  • SII Concatel develops several AM projects and for each one of them a preliminary analysis of the customer's needs is done. This allows us to create a team with the experience and skills needed to carry out the project in compliance with the established SLAs.
  • We perform all kind of maintenances (evolutionary, corrective and operational) and we give complete coverage to the project leadership, management, and operational activities.
  • We use various methodologies (SCRUM, ITIL and Hypercube) and we apply in each case the best suited to the structure of the project and client needs.
  • We have experience in many programming languages ​​(PHP, Java, Net, etc ...) and databases (Oracle, MySQL or SQL Server).