Digital citizens increasingly demand access to the information of public institutions, with the aim of actively participating and boosting changes in their city. Open Data is the ensemble of information from public administrations, companies or organizations that are made available to everyone, in open and standardized formats. The information is precise, updated and expressed in an understandable language. Despite the fact that public administration already implemented transparency actions, the Open Data concept has spread out with the democratization of ICT and its new ways of participation. 


Why opening data?

The Law of transparency, public information access and good government compels the public administrations to guarantee the right of access to their information. Beyond this necessity, the Open Data has multiple benefits:
  • Icono de eficiencia

    Improves operational efficiency 

  • Icono de confianza

    Generates trust in institutions 

  • Icono de participación ciudadana

    Strengthen the participation of citizens

  • Icono de transparencia

    Improves transparency and responsibility

  • Icono de toma de decisiones

    Gives support to decision-making based in data

  • Icono de desarrollo económico

    Promotes economic development 

SII Concatel & desideDatum: La mejor solución para la Transparencia

Our partner on issues of transparency is desideDatum, the company leader in the provision of services related to open data, transparency and government data-driven a methodology specifically developed to cover all possible phases of an initiative to promote transparency in public administration.

This specific methodology includes all the Transparency process, from an initial diagnosis and consulting phase to the evaluation of the project, through the implementation of the Transparency portal itself, with one of the many solutions offered by the market for it. Whatever the size and needs of each administration, desidedDatum always offers personalized turnkey project and a full service support and maintenance.