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Public administrations have infrastructures in which they operate, which must be managed as well as the services are provided in them. To do this, they have different technological tools that respond in a more or less effective way to their demands. ServiceOne® is our smart solution for Facility Management, which allows the interconnection and the dialogue with leading solutions, protocols and measurement equipments of the market.

ServiceOne® es 100% web, responsive, scalable, customizable with no need of programming, and with just one database, based in the standards of the market.

Logotipo ServiceONE

 Because urban transformation requires a thorough inspection of all  the elements involved in the service and infrastructures management related to public administration: 

  • Energy efficiency: registration and control of cenergy consumption, trend analysis and corrective actions needed on devices with higher consumption.
  • Waste management: optimization of all processes derived from recycling, based on the strictest environmental protecion paramenters.
  • Asset management: achieving optimal performance of all municipal assets throughout their life cycle. 
  • Space Management: optimization of the occupation, reservation and use of all municipal areas.
  • Captura de BIMIntegration with BIM: ServiceONE® integrates a BIM (Building Information Model) viewer, besides the traditional planimetric CAD viewer, that allows it to offer a 3D vision of infrastructures, assets or spaces, which exponentially increases the efficiency of its many features, like maintenance management, management of incidents, space management and energy efficiency.  Thanks to its integration with BIM, ServiceONE has placed itseft as a leading product for the infrastructure and service integrated management, 100% adaptive to the needs of any organization.