Online Content Monitoring

Everyday, countless information and opinions are published in webs, blogs and social media. These individual contents, when they are added, they create trends and collective reactions about events and pieces of news about specific themes, public characters or institutions and companies. Monitoring and analizing the data about online contents is essential to get a feel for the Internet and to check out the common vision of users about a brand or event, to detect influencers and opinion generators, to know deeply a sector and its actors, and even to predict future situations and to create strategic communication plans.

With the appropriate tools to monitoring and following up online publications, public administrations could: 

  • Icono de percepción

    Analize the perception of the users about the city or municipality and the values associated.

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    Measure the satisfaction of citizens with the municipal management 

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    Optimize complaint management thanks to the feelings filters in the social conversation

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    Predict emergencies in social alarm circumstances

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    Segment the audience to identify the key interlocutors 

  • Icono de valoración

    Know the citizen's rating of public services 

SII Concatel & Websays: the best technological platform

Logotipo WebsaysOur partner in online contents monitoring is Websays, a specialized platform in data monitoring, that combines the connection to the social media APIs and web crawling techniques. The quality of the data collected and its relevancy are verified by experts, what makes of it a unique platform in this field. Numerous administrations have already used Websays successfully, thanks to is multiple features to show the opinion of citizens in a comprehensive and pertinent way. SII Concatel designs a project of online content monitoring and analyzing, personalized for each client.