Aeronautical Engineering

In the aeronautical industry, the complexity and continuous evolution in the embedded information systems demand a constant capacity of adaptation. Being an agent in this market requires multiple and complementary skills.

SII Group has a 10-years experience in investigation and development of aeronautics engineering, and it is today a renowned agent in this market. It is well positioned in all the development and the functional specification cycles for integrity tests through software development.

Our skills in the fields of aeronautics engineering, embedded systems and information systems help us to capitalize on a great industrial know-how in a wide variety of aeronautics disciplines. Therefore, we offer to our clients high value-added solutions:



The development of highly critical embedded systems for aeronautics sectors requires a high level of expertise to satisfy the inner functional limitation of these systems. Similarly, it also needs of a constant improving work and a technological optimization of the system's performance: energy consumption, memory usage, CPU power, etc.

To do this, SII Group counts on an engineers' team with a wide range of competences. They cover all the application fields in industrial sectors as automotive, mobility and spacial aeronautics, in all the 'V' cycle.

V Cycle chart


Through our experience, we have capitalized on a high level of skills in aeronautics standards, methods and tools related to security and certification. Thanks to these competences we are a referential company in the conduction of security and reliability studies for embedded systems. We offer a broad range of support services to our clients in the aeronautics field (airframe manufacturers or suppliers) in their certification activities.

SII Group is AS/EN/JISQ 9100 certified. This standard is based in ISO 9001, regulation that is especially applied to aeronautical sector. Adopted by the main companies in this industry, it is one of the most important quality certification for all services suppliers in the aeronautical industry.



SII Group is one of the few European companies approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) with the DOA (EASA Parte 21 - J) certification. This is a specific certificate of electrical, hydric and mechanics components design for aeronautics industry.

SII Group value-added as a supplier in this field is our capacity of provide design as well as industrial engineering services. This way, our clients only receive global, integral and comprehensive solutions.



In the aeronautical sector, the development of innovative concepts and new functions systematically involves a simulation and a prototype creation phase. SII Group supports the aircraft manufacturers and their suppliers at the early stages of development. Our simulations include flight control, autopilot and navigation systems as well as infrared imaging systems, communication platform, modular avionics and collision detectors.



We work with the more usual CAD development tools as CATIA, FiberSIM, CCD, PTC, UG or SolidWorks. Besides, our system integration rely on the support of experts in electric systems, oxygen management, waste-water treatment and air conditioning.



Thanks to the experience in CAD design and software development for aeronautics industry, SII Group offers a wide variety of IT applications for MS Office and Catia V5. These solutions are always adapted to our clients' specific needs and are based on BASIC and C# programming languages.



In the field of stress and resistance calculations, and depending on our client's needs in the aeronautic sector, we perform FEM calculations, composites analyses, static and dynamic calculations, and fatigue tolerance, damage and weight optimization tests.



Our clients from the materials and parts manufacturing for the aeronautics and aeronautical industry trust in our team's know-how. Our engineers are experts in working instruction generation (DELMIA) and in the optimization and control of the workflow (SAP). They also deal with scheduling, new lines design and manufacturing cells design, as well as with the development of new templates and tools.



The understanding of our client’s demands and needs is as important as the deep knowledge of all the regulatory requirements for any project with the aim of developing a feasible and certifiable design. Among our capabilities in this field, we highlight our specification services, qualification, test planning and execution strategies, and report and technical documentation writing.