Agile methodology

The Agile methodologies are based on a set of Best Practices with a common structure and an iterative incremental and adaptive development cycle. Oriented to real customers satisfaction, they are involved in the project so that there is a high reactivity to their demands for the project development.

We use the Agile methodologies and its tools (mostly Scrum methodology) for our developments, both our own and client products, to ensure the quality of our work, despite the worldwide equipment distribution of our products (Europe, Asia and South America).

Starting from a model based on the Atlassian suite of server tools, developers have a ticketing tool (JIRA), a tool for project management (Greenhoper), tools for review and approval code (Fisheye and Crucible), a versioning repository (SVN) and tools to deploy and test (Bamboo and Clover). The resulting developments after the above process allows QA engineers (using Test Link) conducting the test prior to the completion of development quality. Developments resulting after the entire procedure above allows QA engineers (using Test Link) conducting quality tests; prior to the completion of the development.

SII Concatel offers customers all its expertise in Agile methodologies achieved internally and performs Atlassian Suite deployments and training for its costumers to make them able to use this methodology in their own projects.

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