Automation training

How to manage your IT environment with the right long term operations and no botched job? How to save time and money in systems management? How to stop repeating tedious, similar and repetitive tasks, avoiding human error?

The answer to all this questions is always the same: AUTOMATION

Gartner: 'Automation skills are essential to any IT professional'


SII Concatel offers you a comprehensive training programme specifically oriented to task automation with Microsoft PowerShell. Windows' scripting standard is based in automation concept and is a key to manage any kind of IT environments.

It is not just an interactive Shell or a revolutionary scripting language. It also includes a development Framework. It can be used to manage any kind of physical device (robotics, automotive, sensors, etc.), thanks to its native connection to .NET technology. Powershell knowledge will help you to automate any task, from Windows and Office to backups, night tasks, virtual machines or exchange email.

Who is the training target?

  • Windows Managers who want to automate their daily tasks.
  • Technical Staff who must gather information from multiple machines, configure or manage them.
  • Windows and network installers, who want to standardize their facilities through automation.

Why learning Powershell?

  • Learn to automate your tasks to increase your efficiency and productivity.
  • Forget about repetitive manual actions, eliminate human error and increase reliability. .
  • Learn about real-problem oriented solutions in your day-to-day work. Gain an immediate ROI, from the first lesson.

Who is the trainer?

SII Concatel teaches and certifies the training. Our company is endorsed by its proven experience in other training fields and in providing management services for IT environments.

Juan Carlos Ruiz is the trainer. Highly-qualified teacher, he has a broad professional career in Microsoft as an international PFE Master Trainer. He is the most important expert in PowerShell training and management in Spain.

Training program

The aim of this courses is providing high quality training in PowerShell to enterprises. It is a mainly practical training, based in real problems solving. It is also modular, adaptive to any kind of need. The courses can be followed in standard modality or if you prefer, ad hoc, tailor-made to your requirements. All the courses are classroom-based. They combine the theory, concepts, practical exercises and discussions with questions and doubts, solved collectively as well as individually.


Course 0. Windows Automation with PowerShell

Goals: Introducing the students to the basics of the world of automation and PowerShell

Duration: 4 hours

Click here to download the complete syllabus of this course


Course 1. Comprehensive PowerShell

Goals: Introducing the students to the concepts and the basics to start automating their Windows environments with PowerShell

Duration: 4 days

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Course 2. Advanced PowerShell

Goals: Giving a complete perspective of PowerShell possibilities to students with basic knowledge. Deepening in the product details for a better understanding. Building advanced scripts with no performance issues.

Duration: 4 days

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Course 3. PowerShell expert

Goals: Providing the students who already master PowerShell with a set of powerful tools. They will be able to configure complex environments in a simple but absolutely safe way.

Duration: 4 days

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