Methodology SCRUM
SCRUM is a methodology for software engineering teams, is part of the Agile methodologies and is based on a set of best practices that lean into each other and lead to the best possible outcome for a project.

The foundations of the SCRUM methodology are:

  • Incremental development of the project.
  • Prioritization of customer requirements based on the value and cost of development.
  • Empirical verification of the project.
  • Strengthening the team.
  • Systemization of communication between client and team.
  • Definition of the maximum time for achieving goals (timeboxing)

And the benefits are:

  • Regular management of customer expectations and based on tangible results.
  • Anticipated outcomes (time to market).
  • Flexibility and adaptation to the needs of the customer, market changes, etc.
  • Systematic Management Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Systematic mitigation of project risks.