1st Quarter Revenue 2013 - 2014


SII reported revenue of €70.7m for the first quarter of fiscal 2013-2014 (period to June 30, 2013), with the entire 2.8% growth generated by existing operations.



Still operating in difficult economic times, SII's sales in France were down 4.3 percent from 2012-2013 to €49.0m for the first three months of fiscal 2013-2014 but up slightly from the previous quarter. Economic conditions are stabilizing, but it is still difficult to anticipate the future, and new projects are slow to start.

Unlike its business in France, SII's international operations are strong and helped to sustain robust growth. International sales were up sharply with revenue of €21.7m for the quarter, with 23.3 percent of growth generated by existing operations. Sales were particularly strong in Poland (up 44 percent), Germany (up 35 percent), Belgium (up 28 percent) and Chile (up 27 percent). Concatel Vanture Team - SII, in Spain, were stable.

The first quarter's average bench-time rate of 5.52 percent in France remained close to that of the same period a year ago thanks to a closely controlled workload and extremely cautious recruitment.