Elio Saltalamacchia, new CTO

Elio Saltalamacchia, new CTO

SII Concatel is proud to announce the incorporation of Elio Saltalamachia as its new Chief Technology Officer. We asked a few questions to this 'true concatelian' with many years at the forefront of CVT Argentina who, since last January 1, is managing our R&D area:

How long have you been working with us, Elio?
I started working at SII Concatel seven years ago, in 2007, thanks to Juan Galdeano. He offered me this opportunity with the idea of moving to Barcelona, but then we opened our office in Mendoza and started with the development of ServiceONE®, so I finally stayed in Argentina.

How do you define yourself professionally?
I consider myself a responsible, active and positive person; I have dynamic and enthusiastic character. I'm good with relationships and have ability to foster teamwork. I like challenges and I adapt easily to changes.

What are the milestones that you consider most relevant to your career?
In my career, there are certain points that helped define myself:
1. Having had the opportunity to be professor at the University of Mendoza. This allowed me to meet excellent professionals (and people) that helped me to train future professionals and contribute to improving the society in which we live.
2. Being part of the ServiceONE® team, working with top professionals both Argentine and Spanish (and other nationalities too).
3. Being director of CVT Argentina, a big challenge for me in all areas.
4. Completing my studies last year with an MBA, that helped me to close the gap between the technical and the management parts of my job.

How do you value your experience at the forefront of CVT Argentina?
It was a great challenge for me and I've learned a lot both in management and technical aspects. Argentina is a country where changes and pressure are constant, and reminds me of the title of a book that applies to this case, 'The management and the challenge of turbulence'. Understanding the environment and mediate between Argentina and Spanish really taught me a lot.

Which are, in your opinion, the main challenges that you face as the new SII Concatel's CTO?
The main challenges revolve around three axes: customers, staff and geographical distribution:
1. First get to know our customers, how do they work and what do they expect from us
2. Thorough understanding my team, understand their needs and see how to support their development in the company.
3. Encourage the teamwork with offices away from Barcelona, as the case of Argentina.

You've done a great career change but also on a personal level. Was it easy to you to make the decision?
It has been easy professionally, but personally I admit that it was a difficult decision to be taken with my family, especially for what it represents having our family and close friends so far, and our two children away from her grandmother and uncles. We weighed up the pros and cons and that's how we got here.