SII Group's first half results

SII Group's first half results

The SII Group's revenue for the first half of fiscal 2014-2015 was up 7.7 percent to €151.03m, including a 2.4 percent increase accounted for by organic growth.

Business in the second quarter was in line with the early part of the year, with sales up 8.2 percent and 2.4 percent on a like-for-like basis.

The gap between French and international operations widened as sales fell by 5 percent in France while SII's revenue outside its domestic market increased by 34.3 percent. In light of several successive quarters of slowdown in France, SII has adjusted its hiring downward by 16 percent in its home country.

International operations generated a profit margin of 6.5 percent, which had a positive overall effect but was down 5.3 points from the same period a year ago. Even though business expanded in almost all countries, profitability was adversely affected by a decline in hours worked during the period from the exceptionally high level of the first six months of 2013-2014.

SII Group now estimates that its net income for the year will be within the range of the past two years (i.e. between 10.5 and 13.5 million euros). Second-half income is expected to reflect efforts made at increasing profit margins, the continued optimization of workloads and historically more favorable seasonal conditions.


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