SII Concatel, official sponsor of the PHP Conference 2015

SII Concatel, official sponsor of the PHP Conference 2015

Organized by a group of PHP programmers of Barcelona PHP Conference returns to Barcelona on 30 and 31 October, after four years without place.

SII Concatel, as a Silver Sponsor of the event, will have as in its previous editions a prominent role in the event. Since its founding, the Company has opted for PHP to carry out the development of its major software products such as the Document Manager DocManager or the Content Management platform PFW Blueprint.

The world's leading experts in this programming language, which already has over 20 years of history, will meet in PHP Conference of Barcelona to show why PHP remains a technology leader in the field of web development.

In an environment marked by the presence of professionals specializing in software development and web programming, SII Concatel comes prepared to explain to the audience its position as a leading company in these fields, contributing with its experience to the networking and the knowledge updating of the participants.

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