SII CVTeam presents the new ServiceONE® website


On the occasion of the imminent FM&FS 365 Business Days, SII CVTeam has recently launched a new version of the ServiceONE® website, renewed both in terms of design and content.

Based on Portal Framework ECM for Content Management and Portal Framework SiteBlueprint as the master portal, the Company has developed a Website up to ServiceONE® as the flagship product of SII CVTeam.

Visually and functionally redesigned, the new website answers all questions that anyone interested may have about ServiceONE®'s functionalities and its ability to adapt to different types of services and business areas.

With a Media section dedicated to pick up all the news about the product, as well as all the articles published by our technicians about Facility Management and Facility Services, this new Site is presented as the perfect showcase for ServiceONE®.