Financial Year 2014/2105

Financial Year 2014/2105

The SII Group recorded a turnover of €316.7m during the 2014/2015 financial year, closed at March, 31, with an increase of 7.6 percent from the 2013/2014 financial year, according to published data, including and organic growth of 3.6 percent. The activity of the last quarter has grown at a rate comparable to the whole year, and the international activity keeps on being the operating engine regarding the French market, which is slowly improving.

A French market affected by the telecom sector

In the fourth quarter most of French SII markets have reached a turning point. However, the situation continues to worsen in Telecom and what should be a recovery has become a freeze on investment projects and an increase of pressure on suppliers' prices. In this context, the group has been working to conquer rising sectors where it has traditionally had less presence, such as energy. At last, and having a neutral impact on the workaday of the period, the SII turnover un France has decreased 3.6 percent (€50.4m) in the 4rth quarter from the same period of 2013/2014 financial year and 4 percent from the whole 214/2105 period.

An international sustained growth

SII international sales have increased 30.7 percent in the 4rth quarter of 2014/2015 from the same period of the last year, including an organic growth of 21.8 percent. The international activity has reappeared with a growth of 32.4 percent (€124.6m) over the whole financial year, i.e. almost 40 percent of turnover, exceeding the forecasted goal of 35 percent.

The turnover of SII Deutschland, currently the only subsidiary of the group in Germany, has doubled its activity during the current financial year (including an organic growth of 9.2 percent) and benefited from both the historic activities of the group and the ones of its last acquisition, Rücker Aerospace. Work to restore activity margins in Rücker Aerospace continue and the helped to improve profitability between the first and second quarter.

The sustained growth of Eastern Europe continues, especially in Poland (29 percent) and Romania (70 percent). Spain's turnover has reached €26.9m, with an increase of 13.1 percent, within a rising macro-economic environment. During this quarter, SII Group has ended the integration of its new Colombian subsidiary and has started its landing in Canada.


According to what was published in half-yearly accounts, SII has improved its profitability in the second quarter of the financial year. However, this improvement has been affected by the worsening of Telecom in France. Consequently, SII may publish a net profit similar to one of 2012/2013 financial year.