The ultimate solution is in the cloud

The ultimate solution is in the cloud

SII Concatel, new Zimbra Partner in BSP and VAR category, offers its customers the ultimate solution to implement a Cloud Business Email solution

SII Concatel offers a Cloud Business Email service, based on Zimbra solution, accessible from any device. Moreover, it has one of the most innovative security systems, ensuring the full protection of companiy's data.  Furthermore, it allows the company to dispense with large infrastructure investments or maintenance, and assures immediate access to the service improvements.

¿What makes this solution different?

In addition to accessibility, the tool allows user to configure customized mailboxes with different sizes. One of the main pretensions of this solution is to facilitate user’s work at their Cloud Email service. Accordingly, this solution turns on an essential collaborative tool to share knowledge or work, allowing user to share his inbox, contacts, calendar, tasks…
One of the main advantages of the service in relation to optimize time is its easier navigability. Our Cloud Business Email is a very intuitive tool that allows user to add different accounts, distribution lists or nicknames in a very easier way.




0 Kilometer: A local service

The Cloud Server is offered in Spain following Spanish laws, unlike other Cloud solutions that keep data around the world. So, companies as Sugest, Plussmartic and soon Monestir de Poblet, and also our company are witnesses of the enormous value of this Cloud Business tool.