SII Concatel participates in the fourth edition of CTecno networking breakfasts

SII Concatel participates in the fourth edition of CTecno networking breakfasts

The CEO of SII Concatel, Joan Carrillo, spoke about how ICT can help many people to get access to the labor market

Last Wednesday, July 20, was held at MediaTIC building the fourth edition of the CTecno networking breakfasts, under the topic “Employment through ICT“.

Organized by CTecno, and with the collaboration and sponsorship of Barcelona Activa, the act was based on the issue of technological talent, and on what is the added value that ICT tools provide people for getting access to the labor market. Joan Carrillo, CEO of SII Concatel and one of the speakers at the conference, led his intervention in this line, emphasizing the importance of ICT and mobile applications to achieve real convergence between labor supply and labor demand.



'ICT has revolutionized the world of work, and we could even go a step further by encouraging geographical mobility,”

Carrillo also suggested including ICT environment in the world of television and, in general, in the daily lives of people, with the aim of promoting education in this area.

'We must learn to motivate young people to become interested in technology'

On the other hand, Jaume Gurt, Director of Organization and Personnel Development in Schibsted Spain, highlighted in his speech the importance of retaining talent, especially in the field of ICT, and explained to the public what measures his company carried out to achieve it. Among them, he commented that 'we have a chef who makes the food you want, we offer decent wages, and employees have a room to relax.'.

Supporting this assertion, Francesc Font, CEO of Nubelo, added that, based on his experience, he believes that the retention of digital talent requires a new approach, in line with what said Gurt, and new processes to attract workers. He also noted that, based on his experience as a university professor, considers that training programs are outdated. 'Many programs are outdated and there are many professionals working without finishing the degree, because companies employed them before'.

Thus it ended a productive day where the speakers discussed about that topic from a cross-cutting and complementary view. This showed, once again, the need to promote ICT in society.

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