SII CVTeam, commited to the Smart City

SII CVTeam, commited to the Smart City

ICity is an european project for the creation and impulse of new ecosystems that give support to the accomplishment of public services in a joint way between Companies (mostly SMES) and Public Administrations, and for the creation of public interest services on the part of the private sector, inside the urban spaces integrated to the paradigm of the Smart Cities.

Led by a consortium of town halls and private companies, it is inspire in the EU directives and strategies for the growth and consolidation of the urban and metropolitan areas, having in Barcelona its coordinating center.

ICity takes as beneficiaries the cities and all the agents who operate in it: the citizens first and also the administrations, the Infrastructures operators, the apps developers and the service providers.

Under the strong commitment of SII CVTeam to the technological development of Smart Cities, the company will participate on Wednesday September 3 in the Smart Cities Summit Chile, the most important event about intelligent cities in Latin America. This second edition of the Summit will be held in Santiago and will have experts and professionals, both national and international, and in their papers will discuss the actions and policies needed to build smart cities and to improve the quality of life of citizens thanks to technology.