SII CVTeam sponsored the Facility Management Week held in Lima.

SII CVTeam sponsored the Facility Management Week held in Lima.

SII CVTeam has participated in the Facility Management Week held in Lima from 4 to 7 November. As an official sponsor of the event, SII CVTeam valuatedthe current situation of infrastructure and services management business in Latin America, analyzed in the last CIFmers held in Madrid.

The event, the first of its kind held in Peru, was carried out in order to further strengthen the role of this discipline in the country, serving as a meeting place for those interested in Facility Management.

Based on the strategy of organizers, FM House, SII CVTeam has attended this event based on the following positions:

1.  The interest in participating in the first associative movements related to FM, creating collaborative structures of both companies and professionals with the aim of publicizing the infrastructure and services management as a discipline.

2.  Listen to both the market and its current needs and also businesses and professionals presenting and sharing their experience in Facility Management.

3.  Present ServiceONE® to the Latin American market as the tool that supports the FM IT Management as an IT tool, highlighting the following aspects:

Scalability. ServiceONE® deals with needs to cover in a short time while ensuring its ability in the long term.

Investment. Each economic unit used means a valuable contribution in managing either a new functionality or new deployment in the corporation.

Created and developed by SII Group, which it defines as one of its 'core business' these kind of solutions.

Smart Tool. It is a clear mission and a demonstrable and operational reality in its high adaptability with the tools, industrial elements and sensors located in the territory. 

4.  Submit the local distributors program of ServiceONE® as a local support to leading corporations in servicing the Peruvian market.

The ServiceONE® Business Director, Mr. José María Alonso, actively participated in the discussions and was one of the featured speakers at the event, where attendees had the opportunity to see many live demonstrations of some ServiceONE®'s functionalities, highlighting its capabilities in mobility and its contribution in energy efficiency management.

This event has represented a great opportunity for launching FM  in Latin America in its goal of expanding its distribution in the international market with a clear demand for such tools.

José María Alonso, Director of SII CVTeam, wants to congratulate FM House by the organization and content of the event, hoping to have contributed to the recognition of FM as a key element in the structure of business organizations.