Training on the Optimization of IT entourages

Training on the Optimization of IT entourages

Always attentive to new opportunities for expansion in the ICT sector, our consulting Este nuevo programa de formación nace avalado por la solvencia contrastada de la compañía en otros ámbitos de formación, así como en nuestra dilatada experiencia en la provisión de servicios de administración de sistemas. division has recently started a new business line dedicated to specific training, with high added value, around the concept of optimization of IT management environments.

This new training program comes backed by the proven reliability of SII Concatel in training on other knowledge areas, as well as by our extensive experience in providing systems management services. In the teaching field, we count on a first level expert in the field of management systems in Windows environments: Juan Carlos Ruiz, a Senior Computer Engineer with an experience of over 13 years working at Microsoft, accredited Master Trainer in EMEA and creator of several training tools and course contents, with an extensive experience in this type of training.

Classes will be offered and a practical approach based on the real problems and business needs, and will be useful for specialized in the administration and management of IT environments, which can very significantly improve efficiency and productivity profiles.

The first edition of this training cycle for optimizing the IT environment management structures through two basic concepts: automation and performance. 


Specific training program on task automation with Microsoft PowerShell. This is the standard scripting Windows tool based on the concept of automation, which is key when it comes to managing IT environments of any kind. Knowledge of PowerShell allows you to automate any task, from Windows and Office through performing backups, night work, virtual machines or email exchange.

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Performance analysis on Windows requires a previous knowledge based on the tools and techniques for data collection. It is also necessary the knowledge of relevant performance counters and its reasonable thresholds, as well as the techniques to automate both capture and performance analysis. Thanks to performance analysis, you can determine if your services are well sized, if you are using the proper hardware, and point to the cause of performance problems.

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