Groupe SII Financial Results 2013 - 2014

Groupe SII Financial Results 2013 - 2014

The Group took advantage of its strong international operations to significantly outperform the French technology consulting sector as a whole, which experienced a decline for the year. In the end, strong growth in sales by subsidiaries outside France (+18.9%) caused consolidated revenue to improve by 3.7 percent for the quarter.

In a declining market for technology consulting services, SII's revenue decreased by 3.8 percent in France during fiscal 2013-2014, when the number of working days was the same as the previous year. Faced with persistent weakness in industrial investment and a wait-and-see attitude on the part of business, SII consolidated its positions and accounts with its principal large clients, including in the aerospace, telecommunications and defense sectors.

The expansion of SII's international operations continued unabated, as their combined revenue increased by 21.8 percent to €93.9m and accounted for 32 percent of the consolidated total, surpassing the 30-percent goal set at the start of the year. Business improved in most regions, in spite of sometimes adverse economic conditions.

In Poland, where the Group has its largest international operation, revenue grew by 30 percent thanks to an increase in services to traditional clients and the securing of new local accounts.

Revenue in Spain improved by 14 percent in the midst of a recession and in spite of financing problems. There was significant progress in other regions as well, especially in Belgium and Rumania.