Smart City, global solutions session

Smart City, global solutions session

On May 14 SII Concatel held at its Barcelona premises the first 'Smart City, global solutions' session.

The aim of this session was to inform all agents involved in city politics about the proposals for the transformation and modernization of the cities. For this, we had two expert speakers: Mila Gascó, a researcher at ESADE and expert in Open Government and Xavier Izquierdo, an expert on Smart City programs implementation.

Mila Gascó en SII Concatel - Smart City

After a brief speech of our general director Joan Carrillo, Mila Gascó talked about the implementation of the Open Government in Catalan Cities as pillar to reach a Smart City model. In her opinion, «the star service on the Open Government is Open Data», a very trendy concept which is not working as expected.

Transparency of the public administration, its collaboration with social entities, companies and all involved agents and the participacion of citizens are the three base pillars of the Open Government, but there are many constraints to buils this base (too much information, difficulty of interpretation, data reuse, deconstruction of the administrations…).

To overcome all these constraints, Mila Gascó highlighted the need of a global Change management within public administrations to change both, the way to intenally manage the information and the way to share it with citizens.

Once we knew the state of the cities, Xavier Izquierdo presented the value proposals of SII Concatel for Smart Cities, explaining the current situation of cities, our strategic plan, funding models and available tools, amongst others.

To close the session, Luís Castells, business director at SII Concatel, made a demonstration of our solution ServiceONE® and its integrations to the transformation process of cities as a service and city infrastructures management tool.