SII Concatel creates the Strategic Director Plan of Las Rozas 2016-2023

SII Concatel creates the Strategic Director Plan of Las Rozas 2016-2023

The Citizen Consultation included in the Las Rozas Strategic Director Plan 2016-2023 has recently been published. This plan is a document that is being prepared by SII Concatel and will contemplate the new challenges that the municipality of Madrid faces in the coming years. The Citizien Consultation was presented a few weeks ago by the Mayor of Las Rozas (José de la Uz) in a press conference.

Among the most important points, the document will take into consideration the steps to follow to make Las Rozas a Smart City and all that involve (energy efficiency, environment, mobility, open government and economy) and the degree of citizen satisfaction with topics such as green areas, public transport, citizen care and a long etcetera. Thus, through this plan, the City Council intends to promote, facilitate and stimulate the sustainable growth of the municipality and improve the quality of life of neighbors.

SII Concatel joins this objective and this mission, and for that reason undertakes to work so that the City Council can achieve all the goals to improve the well-being of citizens. We hope it will be a fruitful project, and we can assure that, from here, we will continue working to foster a model of innovation and development that will be sustainable and respectful with the environment and society.