Third quarter results 2015/16

Third quarter results 2015/16

The SII Group reported revenue of €254.5m for the first nine months of its 2015-2016 fiscal year, which ended December 31. This amounted to an increase of 9.6% over the same period a year ago, with an organic growth of 9.3%. 

In France, SII Group improve with sales up €53.6m to the same period corresponding previous year, and registered an organic growth around the 6%This increasing evolution of sales reflects the strength of the historical positions of the Group in the major industrial accounts, benefiting from the strong return of the investment in different sectors as aerospace, telecommunications, financial industry and energy.


In this context, SII has maintained a high activity level, with a TACE rate (activity rate except holidays) of 90%. The Group has also adapted its recruitment rate to the current market state, with a positive return (+ 3%) in the labor force compared to the previous period.

SII's international operations again expanded sharply during this three quarters, with sales up 20%. In Spain, SII revenue was up 10.8% compared to the previous period. However, business continued to be driven by the Group's Eastern European subsidiaries, including in Poland, where revenue was up 35.2%, and Rumania (+61.6%). Also, Chile's subsidiary has substantially increased (+55.7%). Business also improved during the three quarters at SII Concatel Belgium (+13.8%) and Czech Republic (+12.7%). In spite of this, the activity in Germany, Switzerland and Netherlands was substantially contracted. 


Outlook for fiscal 2015-2016

At the end of the third quarter of fiscal 2015-2016, the SII Group's performance was in line with its objectives for the year. Its incomes are expected to increase more than €355m, with an estimated organic growth of 12%. The Group has also confirmed its objectives for improving its operating margin and revenues during the year.