Operating modes

a. Consultancy
High added value solutions to meet the needs of all our customers. We offer a multi-specialist approach that includes, among others, embedded software, mobility, access to content, portal creation, infrastructures and information systems.

b. Technical Assistance
Fully flexible service that can be adapted to customer needs by assigning dedicated teams with the skills and training necessary for this service. This high level of competence is achieved with a continuous training program involving all consultants of the company.

c. Service Center
We answer the recurring needs of your business, both resources with specific skills and work overloads, with teams dedicated specialists in Extended Enterprise Process Improvement, a type of phased work that provides a strict control of defined service levels.

e. Forfait
Based on some previous customer requirements, we develop customized solutions with tight budget, quality and time. All projects are developed using the Scrum methodology, which provides change flexibility, tangible results-based management, quality increase and alignment between the client and the development team.

e. Outsourcing
We offer our clients a range of outsourcing services covering all areas and business processes. These services enable companies to improve their performance because they can focus on their own activities.