• We offer our customers a wide range of outsourcing services covering all their areas and business processes.
  • We are experienced in custom projects for top clients in most market sectors.
  • Our services enable companies to improve their performance because they can focus on their own activities.

Centralized services: Unified service centers (Conctact Center, Helpdesk, both in the Client's and SII Concatel's premises, including staff, training, tools and everything necessary to perform the service.

WIO: Pioneers in the Outsourcing of the capture of high quality images for eCommerce platforms. Our systematized image capture processes makes us an image factory with the highest levels of quality demanded by the market. (+ INFO)

Workplace management: We have an staff of experts in managing globally the workplace based on the quality required by the customer, and the previously established service level agreements. Our capabilities range from hardware and software maintenance, control and monitoring, to the software distribution or Service Delivery Management. (+ INFO)

Test factory: We have experience in automated test environments and automation of manual tests on several tools and programming languages​​. The automation of the testing process leads to a significant increase in test quality, reducing time and costs.