Performance Analysis Course

How can I automate the most frequent performance problems?

Did I buy the right computer hardware? Is the RAM optimally used?

Do my disks have the right capacity?

Where to start while facing a performance issue?

To solve these and more other questions, SII Concatel offers the specific course for:

Performance Analysis with Windows

The tools for performance analysis in Windows include a huge amount of counter. Their management requires previous knowledge based on:

  • The standard tools and techniques for data capture.
  • The architecture of Windows needed to understand the concepts described.
  • The relevant counters and their reasonable thresholds.
  • Some techniques to automate the capture and the analysis.

Who is the training target?

  • Windows Administrators responsible for critical services.
  • IT Managers charged with assigning and properly manage the resources available.
  • Basic knowledge of Performance Monitor is not required. It will be explained in the course with their options and problems.

All the concepts developed in our performance course are generic. They apply to Windows systems, being also valid for any third-party application. Much of the described concepts are similar in other operating systems. Students can extrapolate the acquired knowledge to their own environment and tools.

Why learning about performance analysis?

  • All the concepts are immediately useful to the daily work environment.
  • It allows to determine if the services are properly dimensioned and if the right hardware is being used. It can point out the root of performance problems.
  • Tangible benefits from the first day. Many students complete their first day analysing their own disks.
  • Support Approach. The possible issues found in the product are also described.

Who is the trainer?

SII Concatel teaches and certifies the training. Our company is endorsed by its proven experience in other training fields and in providing management services for IT environments.

Juan Carlos Ruiz is the trainer. Highly-qualified teacher, he has a broad professional career in Microsoft as an international PFE Master Trainer. He is the most important expert in PowerShell training and management in Spain.

FASTER. Crash Course in Windows Performance Analysis:

This is a high quality course about performance analysis in Windows for enterprises. It is a mainly practical training, based in real problems solving. It is also modular, adaptive to any kind of need. The courses can be followed in standard modality or, ad hoc, tailor-made to your requirements, if you wish. All the courses are classroom-based. They combine the theory, concepts, practical exercises and discussions with questions and doubts, solved collectively as well as individually.

Goals: Introducing the students to the concepts and the basic experience to start analyzing optimally and efficiently Windows performance.

Duration: 2 days and a half (3 full days, morning and afternoon, except the last day)


- Lesson 1: Introduction to the course

- Lesson 2: Some quick tools

- Lesson 3: Performance Monitor. Description, counters, techniques, alerts, captures

- Lesson 4: Disks

- Lesson 5: Virtual and Physical Memory

- Lesson 6: Processes

- Lesson 7: Processor

- Lesson 8: Network

- Lesson 9: Automating the capture and the analysis

- Appendix: Some ideas from ETW (Event Tracing For Windows)