Public administration
The public administration sector is a particularly sensitive area because its resources come from users, the people in the community represented by such administration. SII Concatel, in his collaborations with such institutions, especially cares about honesty, efficiency, accountability and resources optimization.

SII Concatel has actively collaborated with numerous public administrations both national level (has the V2D, V3D V5D approvals and the Spanish public administration) and at regional and local levels. We have extensive experience in the following fields:

  • Application development (including mobile apps) and creation of web portals where users are both citizens and officials of the administration.
  • SCRUM methodology implementation, both at educational level and installating the necessary tools.
  • Transition and transformation of ICT services: Creation of technical offices to carry out all the processes of transition to a new model of ICT services.
  • Project management for SAP ERP implementation.
  • User support servicesOutsourcing (Helpdesk) and Technical Systems.