ServiceONE® is the SMART FM tool created by SII Concatel for the management of infrastructure and services that are provided therein.

Among many others, ServiceONE® has the following features:

  • Management of the entire lifecycle of assets
  • Definition, planning and simulation of maintenance plans
  • Graphical space managemet
  • Room reservations and assets
  • Monitoring service levels
  • Incident management and service provision sustainability
  • Different input channels depending on user profile
  • Move Management
  • Management of business and operational units

Because each infrastructure requires its own solution, we perform a consultancy process before the tool implementation that allows us to analyze the situation, define the actions to be performed and the final stage design.

And so that ServiceONE® suits more if possible to the needs of your business regardless of the sector to which it belongs, we offer different types of contracting service: License and SaaS (software as a service).

We help you optimizing the infrastructures and services of your company to ensure they are always available to the user.