Our specific training program for the optimization of IT environments is supported by the proven reliability of the company in other areas of training and our experience in the provision of systems management services. Our teaching staff consists of leading specialists in each field, all fully qualified and certified as experts in IT environments management.

The aim of this training program is to provide high quality and goal-focused training. It is a mainly practical training, based in real problems solving. It is also modular, adaptive to any kind of need.

The courses can be followed in standard modality or if you prefer, ad hoc, tailor-made to your requirements. All the courses are classroom-based.

They combine the theory, concepts, practical exercises and discussions with questions and doubts, solved collectively as well as individually.



Specific training program on task automation with Microsoft PowerShell. This is the standard scripting Windows tool based on the concept of automation, which is key when it comes to managing IT environments of any kind. Knowledge of PowerShell allows you to automate any task, from Windows and Office through performing backups, night work, virtual machines or email exchange.

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Performance analysis on Windows requires a previous knowledge based on the tools and techniques for data collection. It is also necessary the knowledge of relevant performance counters and its reasonable thresholds, as well as the techniques to automate both capture and performance analysis. Thanks to performance analysis, you can determine if your services are well sized, if you are using the proper hardware, and point to the cause of performance problems.

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Many companies rely on Active Directory for correct operation of their business, leaving many critical services depend entirely on him: Authentication, Identity, Mail, Corporate Policies, etcActive Directory allows administrators to set policies, deploy software on many computers, and apply critical updates to an entire organization. Learn with our experts to organize information in your organization in a centralized, organized and accessible atabase.

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